Auditing and Assurance :


Auditing, in India, is regulated by the  Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). We provide independent audit services designed to enhance the reliability of information prepared by our clients for use by investors, creditors and other stakeholders, in accordance with the Auditing and Assurance standards issued by the ICAI from time to time.


we specialize in:

  • Audit of financial statements under relevant statutes
  • Audit of the internal controls / operational structure of the organization
  • Stock Audit.
  • Information Systems Audit.
  • Tax Audit.
  • Portfolio audit,
  • Systems audit .

Assurance Services:


Financial statements are often the basis of decision making by the management or the stakeholders in a business, be it the investor or creditor or the general public and for this, authenticity of financial statements is essential.

Our Assurance services include :

  • Attestations.
  • Compliance with Accounting Standards issued by the ICAI
  • Compliance with Auditing and Assurance Standards issued by the ICAI
  • Conversion of financial statements for international reporting in compliance with IFRS and US GAAP
  • Compliance with RBI regulations
  • Due diligence for Mergers and takeovers
  • Business Risk assessment
  • Fraud Survey and Investigation
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