Careers :

We're driven by independent thinkers throughout the firm, so if you are a like-minded professional then why not take a look at opportunities of working together . We also offer a number of graduate positions, with plenty of variety, opportunity and responsibility from your very first day.

Partners :

We invite Chartered Accountants to team up with us as partners.
By providing the specialized service in each area of Business the Growth will be faster and meaningful.

Networking & Merger:

We are open to Networking of individual chartered Accountants and Chartered Accountants firms as being advised by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
We also invite proposals for Merger and Acquisitions of Chartered Accountant Firms.

Other Opportunities

*  Vacancies are available for Articled Assistants

*  Assistants

*  Post Graduates and Graduates in, BBA., and other commerce disciplines

*  Placements will be at suitable levels based on qualifications and Experience.

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